All About & Why We Created It

We created this website as extremely frustrated parents of a child that has quite profound special needs. From our experiences trying to juggle work and home life with hospital appointments and the extra time needed to care for our son we soon realised that the best sources of helpful information came from conversations with other parents and carers, whether professionals or not. Most of this useful information came from a small group of other carers locally to us. So the thoughts behind this website were that if you can share information on a small scale and benefit there must be great potential for sharing this information worldwide and all in one place.

The website is privately owned and non profit making. We may use third party advertising on the site which we hope will go some way to covering the running costs and allow for continued development. The intension is for this site to be as useful as possible so if you have any suggestions for additions or alterations, they will be gladly received and acted on.

Special Needs Information Gap

There seems to be a huge gap where professionals and parents alike don't share and pool together information which often leads us to be left in the dark scrabbling around for answers going round in circles. Often this would mean us spending hours searching for the slightest bit of information. This is where now we will post anything of use here and hope you do the same.

We encourage you to register and once registered we hope that you can share any information that you feel would be useful to others. The categories are quite general but if you feel that we are missing something please use the Suggest a Category link. We will always add a link.