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Information and Rules


The Information Forum should be used only for entering information related to special needs or disabilities. This information can be wide ranging but essentially it should be of use in some way to a wider ordinance. If you cannot find a relevant section or category please let us know and we will create it for you.

We offer this service free and you use this service, its content and information at your own risk. cannot be held responsible for any loss, damage be it financial or otherwise that may result from following the advise of or instructions posted on this site.

We will remove, as soon as is possible, any information that is clearly incorrect or that breaches our forum's Restrictions of use.

When submitting information to the forum we recommend you do not enter email addresses in the input box provided. You should be aware that email addresses that are posted on internet forums may become harvested and thereafter subjected to spam or unwanted emails.

We recommend that you do not enter any personal information including addresses, phone numbers or email addresses in the forum and will not be held responsible for any problems that may arise thereafter.

Restrictions of Use

Please note, we do not allow postings that:

  • incite hatred whether based on race, religion, gender, sexuality or otherwise.
  • contain addresses or telephone numbers, whether that of the person entering a posting or otherwise.
  • advertise products or services that are not related to special needs or disabilities.
  • could be personally damaging to any individual by naming them or advertising their personal details.
  • contain web site links that are inappropriate or outside the subject matter of this forum.
  • contain certain excessive slang words, email header information or HTML code.

All breaches of these conditions will result in your sign in details being restricted and all posts or replies removed.


Registering as a Member gives instant access to the forum. Only Members of this service will be able to post items on this website.

To register click the Register link at the top of this page, its free and easy to do. The email address you enter will need to be confirmed before you can sign in so please make sure you enter it correctly.

Confirmation emails are sent automatically from the server. This does however mean that some internet service providers and email clients may see these emails as Spam or Junk. If you do not receive an email with a few minutes please check Spam and Junk folders. If you find an email from in a Junk or Spam folder you will need to make sure that you set your system to allow emails from us.

Creating, Editing and Viewing Posts


The Information Forum is arranged in Categories that we create. If you need to enter information in a category that we do not have, please use the Suggest a Category link. If we feel the website will benefit from this category we will add it as soon as possible.

The categories contain posts from users and from us. Each post can be commented on or reply to.

All postings and comments are checked and approved by us before they can be viewed by other website users or members

You can navigate around the Forum by using the left category navigator and the buttons within the page.

General Functions

You can view other member's complete list of Posts by clicking the Members Posts button. All this members posts will be displayed in date order, latest first.

To view all your Posts including ones not yet accepted click the Your Posts button

To view the entir Post and attached comments click the View Post button.

Each Post can be searched by entering search words into the search text box. This search will look at all the information in the posts and return results accordingly.

To remove or clear the search information click the Clear Search button.

Creating a new Post

You may enter new Posts by clicking the New Content button. The information will be attached to the category you were viewing so please make sure that you are posting in the correct category.

When you save a new Post this is available only for you to see immediately and not available to other website users. When we have accepted the Post it is then made available to all website visitors. We aim to approve content within 24hours.

If you are writing the Post in the editor please make sure you save periodically. After about 20 minutes your session will time and sign you out. Information saved when signed out could be lost.

Editing a Post

You can edit your Posts for the period prior to us accepting it. Any Posts that are available to edit will have a purple header and an Edit Post button attached.

Click the Edit Post button to open the post in the editor.

Please make sure your Post is complete, we will not accept Posts that appear to be incomplete will not be seen by others.

Adding Images

You can upload up to six images with your Post that will appear as a gallery when viewed on the website. Please make sure that all images are JPG file format and less than 500 kbs which is approximately 110 x 825 pixels at 72dpi.

If you need to reduce an image for upload you will find that most imaging software that comes with digital cameras will do this task easily. Windows and Apple computers also have imaging software pre installed.

To upload an image click the Upload Image button on the folder icon. A new window will open. Click the browse button to locate the image on your computer. Add a description of the image in the Description text box. This is particularly useful if you need to describe something about the image or a procedure.
When you are done click the Upload / Save button. The image will upload, the window will change to give you a report and then close. You should now see the thumbnail image where the folder icon was.

The images will appear in the order they are show from left to right.

Deleting Images

To delete an image simply click the Delete Image button. You will be prompted to check you meant to delete. Click OK and the image will be deleted.

This will permanently delete the image from the server.

Overwriting an Image

If you need to replace an image with another click the View or Replace This Image button. A new window will open where you can browse and upload a new image that will overwrite the existing one.

Replying or Commenting on a Post

Each Post can be replied to or commented on by clicking the Add Comment button attached to the post information.

Simply enter your comment into the text area and Save. When your comment is accepted it will appear under the Post in list form.

You cannot edit comments so please make sure they are correct before saving. All inaccurate or incomplete comments will be deleted.