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Posted By: Thomas

Adapting Battery Toys for Switches Using Battery Adapters

Battery operated toys can often be easily adapted for use with a switch when the person does not have fine enough motor skills to operate the toy's own buttons.

For young children the mass produced talking and musical soft toys are quite effective and we found them invaluable. Pretty much any battery powered toy can be converted to use a switch in one way or another.

There are two ways you can do this. There are battery adapters available which are two penny sized pieces of copper with an insulator between soldered to a wire and socket. All you need do is insert this on one of the batteries therefore it disconnects the power until the switch is pressed.

Please Note:
This method is not suitable for all toys. Toys that don't do anything even when the power is on but require a button to be pressed before doing anything will not work with this adapter. This is best used for toys that when switched on operate continuously.

Another problem i have found with these adapters is that the connection can become poor especially if the toy is knocked about or the battery housing is not well made.

You can buy the battery adapters here but they arnt very cheap so you may want to look around.

The best method and the method i use is soldering wires directly into the toy which although more difficult, has many advantages including working with more complex toys.


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