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Posted By: Saffie

NHS Physiotherapists Banned From Private Work

I recently employed a physiotherapist privately as the amount of therapy my son was receiving from the NHS was totally insufficient. The frequency of therapy would fluctuate when schools were on holiday and also when meetings were held etc. It was because of this I employed a physiotherapist that is also employed by the NHS however at the weekends and in free time she offered a private service to give extra therapy to people who required it.

After a very depressing phone call she told me that the additional therapy could no longer take place as she has been told by her superiors that she could not offer a private service to patients that were in the county she worked in as this was a conflict of interests.

Define a conflict of interests? It makes no sense at all.

I want the very best, most frequent and efficient physiotherapy for my son I can get. Unfortunately this is not available entirely via the NHS so I will pay for it. The NHS won’t pay for any more staff so the amount of care will not increase that way, I can only get it through paying private therapists.

This decision also means that I will no doubt have to pay more because I will have to find a physiotherapist that is either no longer NHS or is out of my area.

Only the patient is hurt by this, in this case my two year old disabled child that desperately needs as much physiotherpy as he can manage.

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