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Terms and Conditions

Summary of Terms and Their Meanings

"Website" -

"User" - A person, who visits, browses information or uses this service website.

"Member" - A person who registered with this website therefore is entitled to add information to this website.

"Administrator" - The person or persons entitled to monitor and administer the website information and functions.

"Public" - Information that is available to other users.

"Products" - The toys or equipment which may be listed for review or sale.

Using This Website

You must accept and agree to these terms and conditions in order to use this Website.

You will not use this Website for any unlawful activity including spamming or attempting to send information to a third party using the server this Website is hosted on. Any unlawful or obstructive use of this Website is monitored and will be reported to the relevant authorities.

You must agree that information entered in this website by Members or Administrators whether listed as professional or not is purely written from a point of view and therefore may not be factually correct. You should not act on any information before verifying that it is accurate and correct with an appropriate professional in that field.

We have made every effort to ensure the functionality and content of this Website is accurate and error free but cannot guarantee that this site is free from errors. We do welcome and act on any comments, reports or suggestions that might improve this Website and the information stored within.

We cannot guarantee and hold no responsibility for the effectiveness or quality of links or services provided by external websites and third parties.

Sharing Your Content and Information

Only registered Members can add content to this website.

All content whether information or Products must be related to this website's main subject matter and ethos which is to provide and share helpful information from and to people who care for or have additional needs or disabilities.

All content whether text or images must be of your own creation or you must be the person who has or has gained legal permission to enter this information with regards to copyright and ownership. This is best achieved by any information or images being created by you.

Information should not be written in a way as to give the impression of professional knowledge beyond your capacity but should be written offering an opinion based on personal experience. This is particularly important regarding medication, therapy or products that could then used inappropriately by a user that does not firstly consult a professional in that field.

By entering information you must agree that it will be published on this website and available to everyone who uses this website, including non members. By doing this you relinquish any copyright you may have on this information.

We do not publish information you enter anywhere else other than on this website but cannot guarantee that this information will not be harvested and used elsewhere. Should this be the case we will follow up any information that is directly copied and published without prior permission.

All content we feel that feel is not appropriate for this website or is potentially breaking others copyright will be deleted. Deleted means permanently removed and not in anyway recoverable.

We will delete any content that contains language that may be construed as offensive to other users. This includes language that is overly argumentative, slang, racist or belittling. We reserve the right to delete content based on these conditions and our judgment without consultation. Once deleted, content cannot be recovered. Members that repeatedly break these conditions will have their membership status removed or deleted.

Your Profile

Members have the facility to create a profile although this is not necessary to become a member or to add information to the website.

Your profile by default is not made available to other users. To make your profile public you can select this when editing your profile in the settings. When making your profile public must agree to and accept that other users will be able to read the information you enter in your profile.

Information you enter in your profile must be accurate and a true refection of you.

If a member falsely enters profile information either inaccurately or in an attempt to impersonate someone else they will have their member status removed or deleted off the system.


All content is copyrighted to Permission must be gained from to use any images or text in any other publication whether electronic or any other means.

The code used to display the content is copyrighted to company that designed and created this Website.

Warranty and Liability does not warrant the information or products listed on this website..

All information is given freely, to the best of our knowledge without bias and should be used with caution. We strongly recommend that appropriate professionals are consulted regarding suitability and validity prior to using any products or information from this website. cannot be held liable if any information or products used that then go onto cause damaged or harm. is not responsible for the actions, content, information, or data of third parties and you release us from any claims and damages, known and unknown, arising out of or in any way connected with any claim you have against any such third parties.

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